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What Are Some Of The Effective Ways To Lock A Door Without Using A Lock?


Doors are a great way to let visitors into your home. On the other hand, they are fantastic for preventing intruders and other undesirable people. Given the rise in the number of people breaking into homes and committing burglaries, it’s understandable why you’d want to lock them. Unluckily, not all doors are designed to have locks placed on them.

Installing lock door handles or a specialized door lock is always an option. However, there are other options that are not only more accessible but also more economical, and these are particularly useful in times of emergency.

You will be able to safeguard a door that does not have a lock at home or anywhere else that you could locate

With these three new products, securing your home and facilitating access is simple. Continue reading to discover a solution that will work for your home and schedule.

1. Smart Locks

All available smart lock systems operate on the same premise. They are controlled by an app on your smartphone, allowing you to unlock the door remotely or for yourself. Some of the most advanced smart locks are invitation-based, which allows you to invite someone to use their smartphone to unlock your door. This invitation, which is completely keyless and codeless, can be sent or withdrawn at any time. This system notifies you when the invited guest arrives and when they depart. The highlight? When you arrive home, your lock recognizes you through the app on your phone, and you do not need to do anything to unlock the door.

2. Combination Deadbolts

It’s been a while since combination deadbolts were introduced to the market. They aren’t the most advanced locks on the market, but they nevertheless allow you to unlock your door without a key. You may unlock your door with a single button press after entering the correct code on the keypad to get entry to your home. To allow others to access and depart your home while you’re away, you can create temporary codes.

3. Touchscreen Locks

The functionality of a touchscreen lock is comparable to that of a combination deadbolt, but the technology is significantly more advanced. A few types of touchscreen locks feature a voice-guided touch keypad that makes programming and using the lock simple. Similar to a combination deadbolt, codes can be added or removed depending on who you wish to provide or deny entry. All of these devices are weather and element resistant, so there’s no need to worry about what amounts to a computer on your door.

Carrying a standard key makes entering and leaving one’s home more difficult than any of these high-tech alternatives, which make entering and leaving one’s home considerably easier. In addition, each of them comes with a traditional key in addition to its high-tech opening capabilities, so you will never be locked out.

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